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Make a presentation about you, your agency or your business.

Arabic Social Media Implementation

  • Art Work: TDS team is specialized in tech market and can drive this specialty into a great Arabic artwork that can always grab the attention of the target audience and achieve the needed goal of the art work.
  • Moderation: TDS team is the own when it comes to understand audience questions and notes and how to drive these questions into interaction dialog that can lead to sales, awareness or any action to be taken.
  • Ads and campaigns management: Creating responsive campaigns and managing them is a very sensitive matter, TDS knows how to create it, handle it, run it and to make sure that it will reach the needed goals from it. This can be operated using facebook ads management, twitter ads, Tiktok For Business or any other ads platform for any social media platform
  • Copywriting: copywriting can be very eye catchy and it’s a very important element that in fact TDS consider it as part of the artwork but its written not designed, theirfor TDS has its own copywriting Team to come-up with catchy copywriting.

Marketing Solutions

  • Brand Positioning / Repositioning: Brand repositioning is when a company changes the brand’s status in the marketplace. This typically includes changes to the marketing mix, the product, place, price and promotion. Repositioning is done to keep up with consumer wants and needs. … Strategies include consumer engagement, identity and the spirit of giving. TDS is what you are looking for when it comes in term of Brand Positioning / Repositioning.
  • Marketing Strategies: TDS can help its clients to design a great marketing strategy that can allow its clients to concentrate their limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales, spread awareness and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Marketing Plan: Design a plan to achieve your marketing strategy? TDS is the one. TDS can help you out designing a great marketing plan to achieve not just your marketing strategy, but also accelerate your progress and to have a dynamic marketing atmosphere than can be able to be edited, changeable and fixable according to the circumstances to achieve best results.

Creative Directing

TDS is also specialized in creative directing, with a team dedicated to come up with new ideas all the time for video and audio material, in digital and offline campaigns, and also building Guerilla Marketing methods.

Brand Identity

TDS helps you to determine how you can reveal your new brand assets in a way that’s tactical, measurable, and manageable. It’s a plan that simplifies your brand launch, mitigating risk, and improving your chances of a sustainable brand.

Brand Positioning

That simplifies your brand launch, mitigating risk, and improving your chances of a sustainable brand.


WEB Banner Ads, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Youtube Ads: TDS team is also specialized in Google Adwords, and targeting the search engine, web blogs, youtube channels and videos, etc.….

Offline marketing solutions

This includes TV Campaigns, Radio Campaigns, Billboards and signage printed materials.

Talents Management

TDS owns many talents and influencers in term of technology that can boost your awareness and drive actions to your website, social media platforms or physical stores and shops.

Audio, Video & Animation Content

a- Concept development.
b- Video Production Services including TV commercials, Social Media Videos and Corporate Videos.
c- Photography Services.
d- 2D Animation, 3D and Motion Graphics.
e- Post Production Services.